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About Roberts Coatings UK Ltd

Roberts Coatings UK Ltd works throughout the North West and UK to bring the uniquely smooth finish and cost benefits of paint-spraying to a wide variety of customers - commercial, industrial, domestic, agricultural and local authorities.


Roberts Coatings UK Ltd specialises in all surface painting and treatments. Using the latest spraying products, tools and techniques, they can decorate your home or buildings in significantly less time than traditional methods.

One vital step is getting the surfaces ready to paint - "preparation is key," says the managing director of Roberts Coatings UK Ltd.

Paint-spraying is offered across surfaces including wood, steel, new and existing plaster.

"Our aim is to provide an excellent service for our customers, with fast turn-around times, from preparation to the amazing final finish.

"We include full project management from site survey, assessment and quotation through to a final quality check and customer sign-off."

Roberts Coatings UK Ltd can also tackle technical jobs using specialist coatings such as fire-retardant paint, and where services such as pressure washing, shot blasting, welding are required. These can be assessed during the site survey and included in the scope of work.

Technical Matters

The managing director of Roberts Coatings UK Ltd, is passionate about paint-spraying and talks with enthusiasm about spray guns, nozzles, paints, masking products and projects. He invests heavily in new equipment from Graco - the industry-leading supplier.

Paint-spraying has been in existence since 1892 when American painter Francis David Millet was given the last-minute job of decorating the World Fair in Chicago and devised the first form of spray paint.

Nowadays, high pressure forces paint through a nozzle into a fine spray. Graco's website says airless spraying is:

  • Faster - up to four times quicker than brushing or rolling.
  • Smoother - producing an even coat of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a high-quality finish.
  • Versatile - used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs.

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