Commercial Paint Spraying Lancashire

Giving a Commercial Advantage

Commercial paint-spraying projects are a key part of Roberts Coatings UK Ltd's business, from cafes and shops to pubs, nightclubs and offices, both interiors and exteriors.

The paint's excellent finish makes your property stand out from the crowd, giving a great impression to your visitors and customers.

A major bonus is paint supply. Roberts Coatings UK Ltd has excellent relationships with its suppliers, meaning that whatever paint you choose, it can be available on-site within 24 hours, enabling completion of paint-spraying contracts to very tight deadlines if necessary.

paint spraying lancashire

Our Process

Surfaces - our paint-sprayers have expertise in different surfaces, from walls, ceilings, woodwork, roofs to steel beams and breeze block walls.

Preparation - for jobs requiring specialist preparation, such as blast-tracking to remove paint from concrete floors or steam cleaning to remove dirt from hard-surface floors, we use a well-established partner company. Mess and dust are kept to a minimum.

Paints - Roberts Coatings UK Ltd has detailed knowledge about the paints required for particular surfaces and is experienced in applying a wide variety of paints. We are happy to provide expert advice of the types of paint required.

Clients - recent jobs include Costa Coffee, Carrs Jewellers, Wallings Ice Cream, Lammack Primary School, Kuckoo, Preston, MG Legal Solutions and Leftmove Estate Agents.

paint spraying lancashire

Our Clients

Typical clients may include:

  • Nightclubs/pubs
  • Offices
  • Shop interiors and exteriors
  • Shopping centres
  • Department stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants and cafes

Our staff are flexible, courteous and efficient and can work 24 hours 7 days a week to meet deadlines and minimise disruption to the business. Contact us to find out more.

Case Study

This job included the full interior of a new premises, taking just seven hours to complete, working right through the night with minimum disruption to the shop-fitting workforce.

Preparation involved masking tape and two coats of contract emulsion were followed by two coats of mid-sheen, covering a total of 700 sqm.

Our paint spraying guns are connected to an air compressor operated at high pressure. The high pressure finely atomizes the spray, producing very fine particles and a superb, smooth finish, whether that is a clear shellac, varnish or paint. See also our Picture Gallery for other similar work.

Our paints can be mixed to complement your corporate branding – download a RAL colour chart here – so come and talk to us about your specific requirements.

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