Industrial Paint Spraying Lancashire

Giving a Commercial Advantage

Roberts Coatings UK Ltd tackles any industrial project - we aim to understand the nature of each job during our initial site survey and offer full project management.

Our specialist spray-applied coatings can give a pristine look to new-build properties or professionally restore all types of surfaces, inside and outside. We can work to very tight deadlines if necessary, to achieve opening times for new projects or to minimise down-time for your business.

paint spraying lancashire

Our Process

Size - this is no problem as spray-painting covers large areas in a shorter time than traditional methods, Roberts Coatings UK Ltd have extensive experience in handling big projects.

Surfaces - our industrial sprayers have expertise in different surfaces, from walls, ceilings and roofs to steel beams, factory floors, loading bays, windows, guttering, down-pipes, shutters, transport bays, wooden/metal cladding and areas needing fire-retardant paint.

Preparation - for jobs requiring specialist preparation, such as shot-blasting, welding to clean metal prior to painting or blast-tracking to remove paint from concrete floors, we use a well-established partner company.

Paints - Roberts Coatings UK Ltd has detailed knowledge about the paints required for particular surfaces and is experienced in applying a wide variety of paints, from fire-retardant paint, two pack paints to epoxy-based paint for line markings and floor coverings.

Clients - recent customers have included factory units, workshops, distribution centres and warehouses, with clients such as DCL Transport Services, Forbo Flooring, S. J. Bargh Ltd and Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd.

paint spraying lancashire

How We Work

We will spray-paint any industrial premises and ensure that your business complies with current health and safety regulations. Typical customers may include:

  • Factories and factory units
  • Industrial complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Transport, garages, depots and stations, including airports and hangars
  • Military buildings and installations

Our staff are flexible, courteous and efficient and can work 24 hours 7 days a week to meet deadlines and minimise disruption to the business. Contact us to find out more.

Recent Projects

Our paints can be mixed to complement your corporate branding – download a RAL colour chart here – so come and talk to us about your specific requirements.

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